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IRIS Details

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SU-DS02-2020 Intelligent security and privacy management



September 2021-August 2024 (36 Months)



19 EU partners

IRIS At a Glance

  • IRIS’s vision is to integrate and demonstrate a single platform addressed to CERTs/CSIRTs for assessing, detecting, responding to and sharing information regarding threats & vulnerabilities of IoT and AI-driven ICT systems

  • IRIS aims to help European CERTs/CSIRTs minimise the impact of cybersecurity and privacy risks as well as threats introduced by cyber-physical vulnerabilities in IoT platforms and adversarial attacks on AIprovisions and their learning/decision-making algorithms

  • The IRIS platform will be demonstrated and validated on 3 highly realistic environments with the engagement of 3 smart cities (in Helsinki, Tallinn and Barcelona) along with the involvement of national CERTs/CSIRTs, and cybersecurity authorities

  • The IRIS consortium consists of 19 European partners

  • The project extends from September 2021 until August 2024

IRIS Pilot Use Cases

The IRIS system will be demonstrated in three carefully selected pilots resembling real world environments. In each pilot, it will be installed, validated and evaluated against predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by leveraging the end-users through real life stakeholder-driven pilot use cases.

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