The goal of IRIS Pilot Use Case 2 (first wave) to evaluate IRIS platform tools for cyber incident response and recovery for an autonomous transportation case study was successfully completed! Pilot Use Case 2 was led and organised by the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities on 27 March 2024. PUC 2 focused on a cyber attack scenario where telemetry from the autonomous vehicle is manipulated to affect the integrity of decision-making of the Urban Operating Platform (UoP), a system used for transportation planning. During PUC 2, consortium partners also evaluated selected tools from the IRIS platform to support cyber attack detection and incident response in an AI-based system and supporting infrastructure.  Once again several stakeholders from CERTs and the Transport sector attended the pilot use case and gave valuable feedback.

PUC 2 Facts:

Focus: Protection of the AI-enabled infrastructure of the autonomous transport system (AV shuttle and the Remote Operation
Centre) available in Tallinn against potential orchestrated attacks.

Place: Tallinn, Estonia

Expected outcomes:
• Minimization of the impact of the attack by
identifying the threat, self-recovering from it and
sharing the corresponding intelligence with other
related system operators and platforms
• Assisting system operators to identify if specially crafted data,
designed to confuse AI-based decision making, (e.g., spoofed/
fuzzed) are received from onboard vehicle sensors, or injected directly to APIs

End Users: CERTs/CSIRTs, CI security operators

The presentation is available , here