The Pilot Use Case aims to validate IRIS’s ability (a) to detect compromise of both state-of-the-art and retrofitted legacy systems/device IoT integration and telemetry; (b) to report efficiently the impact of confidentiality and integrity breaches on a smart city’s IoT and control systems, taking into consideration human and organisational factors; and (c) to deal with cascading effects of threats and propagated vulnerabilities in interconnected embedded systems within modern and legacy IoT infrastructure.

The Pilot Use Case will be conducted in the city of Barcelona that has implemented a multi-faceted IoT edge-cloud infrastructure combining and collecting telemetry from a vast array of existing devices and systems (e.g., lampposts, parking, traffic, ambient sensors, RF sensors), with visibility, control and functionality via retrofitted wireless access points (SmallCells, LTE, WIFI) with virtualization capabilities. For PUC1, the proposed architecture will include an IoT cybersecurity demonstration distributed across a three-tier architecture based on the server architecture in Barcelona Superblocks.