Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Dissemination level Due Date
D1.1 Project handbook with strategic plan for quality assurance and risk management Confidential 2
D1.2 Ethics Handbook Confidential 6
D1.3 Data management plan Confidential 6
D1.4 Interim project report Confidential 18
D1.5 Final project report Confidential 36
D2.1 Vision scenarios and use cases definition Public 4
D2.2 User and technical requirements Public 6
D2.3 Ethics and data protection requirements specification Public 8
D2.4 Human factors for co-design methodology Public 16
D2.5 IRIS platform and reference architecture – initial version Confidential 9
D2.6 IRIS platform and reference architecture – final version Confidential 18
D2.7 IRIS evaluation and impact assessment Public 24
D3.1 IRIS risk and vulnerability assessment module Confidential 24
D3.2 IRIS AI threat analytics and detection engine Confidential 26
D3.3 IRIS risk-based response and self-recovery module Confidential 27
D3.4 IRIS Digital Twin honeypot deception models Confidential 28
D4.1 Dynamic repositories of threats and vulnerabilities Confidential 24
D4.2 A report on dynamic knowledge repositories of threats for IoT and AI-driven ICT systems Confidential 26
D4.3 APIs for advanced threat intelligence orchestration Confidential 12
D4.4 IRIS advanced threat intelligence orchestrator Confidential 28
D4.5 IRIS secure crypto functions for data management Confidential 24
D4.6 IRIS DLT-based control services for accountability, traceability and auditing Confidential 26
D4.7 IRIS-enhanced MeliCERTes platform Pubic 28
D5.1 IRIS cybersecurity exercises and training lab Confidential 24
D5.2 IRIS scenario and asset catalogue Pubic 24
D5.3 IRIS lab pods for CERTs/CSIRTs Pubic 26
D5.4 IRIS cyber range platform Pubic 28
D6.1 APIs and data models for the integration of smart city’s
infrastructure with the IRIS platform
Pubic 26
D6.2 Integration and testing plan and CI/CD tools guidelines Confidential 22
D6.3 Integrated IRIS platform (1st release) Confidential 28
D6.4 Integrated IRIS platform (final release) Confidential 34
D7.1 Pilot evaluation framework and measures specification Confidential 28
D7.2 IRIS report on the smart city IoT and control system pilot Confidential 34
D7.3 IRIS report on the smart city autonomous transport system pilot Confidential 34
D7.4 IRIS report on the cross-border smart grid pilot Confidential 34
D7.5 IRIS pilot evaluation report Confidential 36
D8.1 Project website Public 2
D8.2 Plans for dissemination, communication, and exploitation Public 3
D8.3 Initial report on communication, standardisation and exploitation Public 12
D8.4 Interim report on dissemination, communication, standardisation and exploitation Public 24
D8.5 Final report on dissemination, communication, standardisation and exploitation Public 36
D8.6 Market analysis, road mapping and business modelling report Confidential 36
D8.7 Report on policy recommendations Public 36
D8.8 Report on connection with stakeholders Public 36
D9.1 H- Requirement No. 1 Confidential 3
D9.2 POPD – Requirement No. 2 Confidential 3
D9.3 M- Requirement No. 3 Confidential 3
D9.4 GEN – Requirement No. 4 Confidential 3
D9.5 GEN – Requirement No. 5 Confidential 12
D9.6 GEN – Requirement No. 6 Confidential 24
D9.7 GEN – Requirement No. 7 Confidential 36
D9.8 OEI – Requirement No. 8 Confidential 3