The back-to-back  IRIS workshops held few days ago in conjunction with CYBERSEC EXPO & FORUM 2024 were a success! During the event, IRIS held the 3rd Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop on the 19th and the Final Exploitation Workshop on the 20th and also had a project booth through both days! Find audio visual material from [...]

IRIS @ CYBERESEC EXPO & FORUM 20242024-06-25T08:14:39+00:00

3rd IRIS Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop


The 3rd edition of our IRIS Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop is here and we are excited to bring you an engaging and insightful event that will connect industry professionals, stakeholders, and experts in a virtual setting. Join us for a day filled with informative sessions and interactive discussions. The 3rd Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop will [...]

3rd IRIS Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop2024-06-11T12:19:18+00:00

IRIS Final Exploitation Workshop


The IRIS Final Exploitation Workshop is coming on 20 June 2024 in conjunction with CYBERESEC 2024 EXPO & FORUM that will be held in Krakow, Poland on 19 & 20 June 2024. In this workshop, organised by our partners ECSO and INTRA,  you will acquire valuable insights into the complexities of incident reporting, the crucial [...]

IRIS Final Exploitation Workshop2024-06-03T13:35:19+00:00

2nd Review Meeting


The 2nd project Review Meeting held online on 24 April 2024 with the participation of the project officer and two reviewers as well as representatives of the IRIS consortium who presented the results from the the first round of the project's Pilot Use Cases last March as well as the progress performed in all the [...]

2nd Review Meeting2024-04-26T10:49:26+00:00

IRIS Pilot Use Cases: 1st Wave of PUC 2


The goal of IRIS Pilot Use Case 2 (PUC) to evaluate IRIS platform tools for cyber incident response and recovery for an autonomous transportation case study was successfully completed! Pilot Use Case 2 was led and organised by the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities on 27 March 2024. PUC 2 focused on a cyber attack [...]

IRIS Pilot Use Cases: 1st Wave of PUC 22024-04-03T09:44:34+00:00

IRIS Pilot Use Cases: 1st Wave of PUC 3


Pilot Use Case 3, led and organised by the Forum Virium Helsinki, was held online on 21 March 2024 and consortium partners demonstrated the capabilities of Virtual Cyber Range in training CERTs/CSIRTs and validated the capabilities of the IRIS platform safeguarding the Helsinki Smart Grid environment against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Besides the IRIS consortium partners, [...]

IRIS Pilot Use Cases: 1st Wave of PUC 32024-03-22T10:15:35+00:00

IRIS Pilot Use Cases: 1st Wave of PUC 1


Improving cybersecurity for smart cities is a major advancement that will be made possible by the IRIS project. On 7 March 2024, the consortium made the first step and showcased the capabilities of the IRIS technology solution at CISCO premises in Barcelona, Spain, during the first wave of the project's Pilot Use Case 1 (PUC). [...]

IRIS Pilot Use Cases: 1st Wave of PUC 12024-03-15T08:47:43+00:00

IRIS @ CIT Workshop


Experts from 9 H2020 cybersecurity related projects with interactive presentations and demos and over 70 participants made the “Cyber Threat Intelligence: Empowering IoT Security” workshop a true success! Among them, representing IRIS, our Sofia Tsekeridou form INTRA, Eleni Darra from CERTH and Giovana Bilali from ICCS. The workshop, organized by the Secure Cyber Cluster , focused on [...]

IRIS @ CIT Workshop2024-03-15T08:45:35+00:00

IRIS 6th Plenary Meeting


The 6th plenary meeting of the project was held in Barcelona, Spain on 5 and 6 March 2024. The consortium partners gathered both physically and remotely to discuss the work performed the last six months and their plans for the last six months of the project. Two days full of discussions and interactive presentations about [...]

IRIS 6th Plenary Meeting2024-03-07T09:31:13+00:00

IRIS @ DATE 2024


Our partners from FinEst Centre for Smart Cities and TalTech will present the IRIS paper " ADAssure: Debugging Methodology for Autonomous Driving Control Algorithms”, at DATE 2024 that will be held on 25-27 March 2024 in Valencia, Spain. The paper will be published in the conference proceedings.    

IRIS @ DATE 20242024-02-19T13:22:01+00:00
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