IRIS @ EU-made cybersecurity for safe, resilient and trustworthy applications and services workshop


The workshop that will be held on 27 February 2023, jointly organised by ARCADIAN-IoT, ELECTRON, ERATOSTHENES, IDUNN, IRIS, KRAKEN, SECANT, SENTINEL, SPATIAL, TRUST aWARE projects will provide an overview on how novel solutions can protect the complex ICT infrastructures and create a stronger, more innovative and resilient European industry. The EU-made cybersecurity workshop is designed [...]

IRIS @ EU-made cybersecurity for safe, resilient and trustworthy applications and services workshop2023-01-26T09:17:15+00:00

IRIS @ ELECTRON International event


ELECTRON International event held in Baku and online on  5-7 December 2022. This event aimed to shed light on the most critical elements in energy cybersecurity while presenting modern solutions for protecting the energy and power systems from harmful actions and cyberattacks while empowering the digital culture of European citizens. IRIS project was among the [...]

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Our partners from participated in Smart Cities Expo World Congress 2022 which was held in Barcelona Spain on 15-17 November 2022! The event is being organised since 2011 and is the international leading event for cities. During Smart City Expo World Congress 2022, the main topics were: sustainable cities in which public transport coexists with new [...]

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IRIS Launch Event


IRIS Launch Event IRIS Launch Event was organised in the presence of the European institutions and key stakeholders to give high visibility to the project, raise awareness on the project priorities and start engaging with key experts (to also form the expert group for T8.4). The Event was organised remotely on 5th of July 2022 [...]

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Blog Article #6 by CISCO


As our collegues from ATOS explained in the Blog Article #5, the initial version of IRIS platform and reference architecture has been released in M9 of the project (May 2022). This architecture will later be validated in 3 Smart City environments (Barcelona, Tallin and Helsinki) to combat cyber-threats in IoT and AI-driven ICT systems. In [...]

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IRIS @ Project to Policy Seminar


IRIS @ Project to Policy Seminar IRIS project represented by its project coordinator INOV and the Dissemination &  Communication manager ISenseGroup of ICCS attended the two-day, physical event in Brussels, Belgium held on 1 June and 1 July 2022.  During the event, which was organized by the European Research Executive Agency (REA), the coordination and [...]

IRIS @ Project to Policy Seminar2022-07-05T08:43:50+00:00
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