The validation of the requirements in the system design of the IRIS Project through the stakeholders and DNSC


DNSC contributed through its experts to a SAT management (Site Acceptance Test) and provided informal feedback for the IRIS pilots and requirements regarding the system design, the functional architecture, and the use cases, during the IRIS Validation Workshop, in the RISE-SD event, from Rhodos 2023 but also helped the IRIS’ exploitation potential. This contribution was reported in D2.7 “IRIS evaluation and impact assessment”, taking into consideration the possible stakeholders involved, such as critical infrastructures providers, universities, SMEs.

DNSC contribution helped IRIS project to address the 1st Review recommendation, regarding the pilot requirements and evaluation since the project should engage a wider range of stakeholders to capture more requirements, and nonetheless this stands, as well, for the feedback for the pilots.

In the same time DNSC, based on its continual feedback together with the research experts and all the IRIS partners helped to find the key implement regarding the user design/development/evaluation methodology in the IRIS project and to advance with the implementation of the 1st Review recommendations.