Blog Article #5 by ATOS


Released initial version of IRIS platform and reference architecture The initial version of IRIS platform and reference architecture has been released in M9 of the project (May 2022), achieving in this way milestone MS4 of the project (“Platform architecture and specifications ready”). It sets up the basis for the integration of the different developments that [...]

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Blog Article #4 by INTRA


A DevSecOps approach for releasing a security-hardened IRIS integrated platform Undoubtedly, system integration of a large-scale project has been traditionally complex and challenging, even more so for a cybersecurity project posing strict additional security requirements.  Continuous development, integration and testing tasks of such projects such as IRIS should be driven by the highest security standards [...]

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Blog Article #3 by DNSC


The project system co-design – a challenge for DNSC team The challenges, risks and security threats in cyberspace have intensified in recent years. Cyber security has become a requirement involving integrated, comprehensive approaches, adoption of new and permanent strategies, significant financial investments, and ambitious organizational adaptations. In order to ensure a high level of security [...]

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Blog Article #2 by ECSO


ECSO – standardisation and policy, launch event and liaison with key stakeholders The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is proud to be part of the European-funded project IRIS, whose objectives are complementary with the ongoing work in ECSO. The project outcomes will be able to leverage on ECSO’s policy engagement activities and ECSO’s broad cybersecurity [...]

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Blog Article #1 by INOV


The IRIS journey has started All IRIS team members are now preparing to celebrate the first project’s Christmas & New Year season! It is a great time to review the first four months of intense work, along with the major achievements. During this period, the foundations for collaboration and communication were set up: the official [...]

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