The project system co-design – a challenge for DNSC team

The challenges, risks and security threats in cyberspace have intensified in recent years. Cyber security has become a requirement involving integrated, comprehensive approaches, adoption of new and permanent strategies, significant financial investments, and ambitious organizational adaptations.

In order to ensure a high level of security of the networks and information systems supporting the provision of essential services in Romania and also, a high common level of security of networks and information systems in the European Union, at the end of September 2021 The Government of Romania established The National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC).

The Directorate aims to increase the cyber resilience, in the context of increasing frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks against infrastructures supporting essential services for the Romanian society and to represent a node of regional influence, for the entire EU cyber ecosystem.

Therefore, the IRIS Project partner “The National Cyber Security and Incident Response Team – CERT-RO” is now The National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC).

DNSC mainly contributed to the system co-design and functional architecture during the activities carried out together with the involved partners in WP 2, in the first six months of the IRIS project. As result of an intense work, there were submitted the D.2.1 deliverable – “Vision scenarios and use cases definition” and D.2.2. deliverable – “User and technical requirements specification”.

Furthermore, DNSC will define the framework for the Artificial Intelligence Threat Reporting and Incident Response System Virtual Cyber Range Platform and the related cybersecurity training and exercises, on a human-centric approach. The exercises will enable a collaborative online training environment between individual CSIRT/CERT team members and distinct teams, also.

We are looking forward to meet all IRIS team members at the IRIS launch event, in March 2022!