The “Research and Innovation Symposium for European SECURITY and Defense”  RISE-SD 2023 is an international EU Research and Innovation event in the field of Disaster and Crisis Management, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Fight Crime and Terrorism, Cybersecurity, Border Security and Defense Research. The event stemming from previous initiatives, and aiming to bring together the European R&D communities in Civil Protection & Defense. This year’s conference held in Rhodes, Greece on 29-31 May 2023 and hosted more than 250 attendees.
IRIS project had a three day dedicated booth which lots of the conference attendees visited to learn more details about the project. During the 2nd day of the conference, the consortium organised the 2nd Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop with the participation of the technical partners and several external end users and our coordinator INOV along with our partner CEL presented the “User-centric design and validation of a DLT/Blockchain-based auditing tool for incident response traceability and accountability”. The last day, we organised a Validation workshop open only to the external experts and end users where fruitful discussions made on the Social Acceptance of IRIS solution.
You can find visual material from the event here