The Joint Cluster Meeting was held on 16 and 17 October 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal and online. It was a great chance to create and promote more collaborations in the research community. During the two meeting days, the representatives of IRIS, ARCADIAN, ELECTRON, ERATOSTHENES, IDUNN, IRIS, KRAKEN, SECANT, SENTINEL, SPATIAL and TRUSTAWARE discussed challenges the EU funded projects face, the possible solutions and the future collaborations. IRIS was represented by our project coordinator, INOV and our dissemination manager ICCS , also attended the meeting remotely.  The first day opened with a Keynote presentation from  Juuso Stenfors, Project Officer of the European Commission and continued with presentations from all the projects representatives. The second day started with a session focused on  the possible synergies for joint cybersecurity solutions, continued with a joint open training session and was completed with a session about next Horizon Europe Calls. The meeting agenda is available here.

The IRIS presentation is available here